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The Bay Area's New Sound Festival - July 27 August 2, 2014

Listen to: The Deconstruction Orchestra
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Community Music Center
544 Capp Street @ 20th, San Francisco, CA
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Q&A Sessions 7:30 pm
Performances 8:15 pm

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Constructions Friday Aug 1
Deconstruction Orchestra
Joshua Allen, conductor, composer and
tenor saxophone

Aaron Bennett-as, Sam Flores-ts, Vinny Golia-sop/ts, John Ingle-bs, Matt Ingalls-as/c, Josh Marshall-ts, Dan Plonsey-bs, Dave Slusser-ts, Rent Romus-as,
Cory Wright-bs
Brass: Peter Bonos-trpt, Collete McCaslin-coronet, Matt Gaspari-Flugel, Ron Heglin-tuba, Jeff Hobbs-trpt, George Moore -trpt, Matt Streich-trombone
Rhythm: John Finkbeiner-guitar , Henry Kaiser-guitar, Lisa Mezzacappa-bass, Matt Montgomery-bass, Timothy Orr-drums, William Winant-drums

San Francisco-based composer-bandleader Joshua Allen and his high-energy innovative 25-piece Deconstruction Orchestra will perform The Structure of Sound and Space, an original deconstructivist-inspired suite of cell structure game compositions. Melding together post-modern, free jazz, non-idiomatic improvisation, and San Francisco’s vast highly diverse contemporary music scenes, the Deconstruction Orchestra is inspired by the large ensemble works of late 20th century composer/directors such as Marco Enedi, Cecil Taylor, and the works of Butch Morris, and Kim Richmond. Under the direction Joshua Allen, the orchestra creates a powerfully cathartic architecture of sound creating a sonic space around the listener and redefining the purpose of the large ensemble. Born in Berkeley, California in 1972, Joshua Allen has created his own personal language on the tenor saxophone, with an emphasis on polytonal and asymmetrical phrasing, as well as extending the range and sonic ability of the instrument. He does this with constant emphasis and study of the overtone series, and the generation of multiphonics from the application of this process. Like many of today’s prominent musicians, process. Like many of today’s prominent musicians, Mr. Allen was a product of the Berkeley public school system, studying saxophone starting at the age of nine under Phil Hardymon. He went on to study with

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Joshua Allen , Aaron Bennett , John Ingle , Matt Ingalls , Joshua Marshall , Dan Plonsey, Dave Slusser, Rent Romus,
Cory Wright, Collete McCaslin, Ron Heglin, Henry Kaiser, John Finkbeiner, Timothy Orr, William Winant, Lisa Mezzacappa

such prominent Bay Area musicians as Bill Aron, Joe Henderson, and Rory Snyder. With his focus squarely on jazz composition and performance, Mr. Allen moved to Southern California in the early ‘90s to study with Rick Helzer at San Diego State. He became active in the Latin Jazz community, and worked with various musicians such as Dennis Chambers and Eddie Palmieri. Mr. Allen returned to the Bay Area in the mid ‘90s to finish his Bachelors degree at Sonoma State. His association with saxophonist Marco Eneidi led to working relationships with musicians such as Glen Spearmann, Matthew Goodheart, Damon Smith, and eventually, Cecil Taylor.