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The Bay Area's New Sound Festival - July 27 August 2, 2014

Amber McZeal

Community Music Center
544 Capp Street @ 20th, San Francisco, CA
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Q&A Sessions 7:30 pm
Performances 8:15 pm

PoetryFreqs Wed. July 30
Zachary James Watkins – Electronics
Marshall Trammell – Percussion

Amber McZeal - Voice

Word is Law, all life is vibration, and intention dictates experience. These words have shaped and guided the artistic and creative maturation of Amber McZeal over the past decade. Beginning in the swampy halls of New Orleans, Amber began her journey under the tutelage of Mr. Ellis Marsalis and Leah Chase, studying jazz vocalization. Her passion for harmony and humanitarianism led her down a path of scientific inquiry: an inter-disciplinary intersection of neuroscience, quantum theory, and acoustic art. Amber has recently received her Bachelor of Arts with a focus on vibrational theories and sacred intellectualism. Her current body of work, Mudzimu, is a combination of original music compositions and cultural, futurist mythos that is committed to expanding the discussion of trauma, life and identity from the purview of matter as vibrating energy. Amber is currently a Ph.D. student at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and resides in Oakland.

Zachary James Watkins and Marshall Trammell currently work in collaboration as two soloists who have found a new platform for the intersection of tone-generating electronic technology and the heart-thumping technology of acoustic percussion. This duet features a new tradition in conversant, duo vernacular dynamics that sparked a revolution in our conceptions of space, stage, ritual, performance, geography, praxis, brotherhood, relationships, rockin' out, and more.

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Zachary James Watkins
Amber McZeal

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