Outsound New Music SummitThe Bay Area's Creative Music Festival July 23 - 29, 2017

Collette McCaslin & Amy ReedAdvance Tickets to the 16th Annual Outsound New Music SummitWednesday July 26

Collette McCaslin - trumpet/soprano saxophone, percussion; Amy Reed - guitar, voice, Mark Pino - drums

Amy and Collette are are two women with very integrated approaches to music, especially improvisation. Their duo corresponds to a logic of magical thinking that is formed by deeper subconscious stirrings. Together, their percussive and subtle sounds wind in and out of synergy, sometimes clashing, sometimes relating in sublime synchronicity. They are joined by drummer percussionist Mark Pino.
Amy M. Reed is a painter, improviser, guitarist, song-poet, and multi-media artist living in Northern California. She works to negotiate and initiate creative practice into public systems. She is the founder of Ma, a performance series that supports improvisers and creative work by womxn at Gold Lion Arts in Sacramento, Ca. Recent Work includes: Water/Fire - Video and sound documents. IONE's 20th and 22nd annual Dream Festival Residencies. Duos with CJ Borosque. Blue Crow Singers/Movimiento Molcajete - Nicole C. Limón, Andrea”YAYA” Porras, and Alejandra García. Ross Hammond - Songs and improvisations - voice and guitars. www.amyreedartist.wordpress.com Ma series A space to support creative work by womxn: improvisers, composers, educators, and performing artists. Based in Sacramento, Ca at Gold Lion Arts.
Collette McCaslin is a San Francisco Bay Area based player of the Cornet, noisician,abstract artist, and writer. In her youth she explored plunder-phonics as a means of expression “composing” tape works comprised of snippets of radio static, college radio and death metal. As a teenager she was heavily influenced by her family to explore the realms of jazz, she played the saxophone at Cabrillo College. Her own interests diverged however, when she began working with guitar.Her first album "Machine" is a layered work of looping... At some point in the last ten years she started working with analogue FX boxes and doing feedback based electronics. With that setup she has played in numerous situations. Including "Lords of Outland" where she interacts with other musicians, live, with a feedback based instrument. As well as headlining at NorCal Noise Fest many years in a row...
Community Music Center
544 Capp Street @ 20th, San Francisco, CA
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Q&A: 7:30 pm
Music: 8:15pm