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2013 Summit


Sunday, July 21

Communications Workshop for Independent Musicians
Touch the Gear Expo

Monday, July 22: OutSpoken

Composers Symposium: Compositional Trace Medium and Traditional Strata

Wednesday, July 24: Drift Flow Swing

Opera Wolf
Wiener Kids

Thursday, July 25: Vibration Hackers

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
Ritwik Banerji (ঋত্বিক ব্যানার্জী) & Joe Lasqo with Warren Stringer
Ilya Rostovtsev
CCRMA Ensemble

Friday, July 26: Emanation & Artifacts

Pmocatat Ensemble
David Molina’s Transient

Saturday, July 27: The Axiom

Kyle Bruckmann’s Wrack
Lewis Jordan’s Music at Large
Rent Romus’ Lords of Outland

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Photo archive Michael Zelner Night 1
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Photo archive Michael Zelner Night 4


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