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2018 Summit


Sunday, July 22

Touch the Gear Expo

Monday, July 23

The Breath Courses Through Us
a documentary film about the New York Art Quartet

Tuesday, July 24: Sonic Foundry III

a night of unique invention with
Tim Thompson
Pet the Tiger Inventors Collective

Wednesday, July 25: The Art of Noise

a night of sonic exploration with

Thursday, July 26: CarneyVal!

a night celebrating the memory of Ralph Carney, a saxophonist and pillar of the San Francisco Bay Area music community for 28 years, with
Rubber City
The Ralph Carney Memorial Ensemble

Friday, July 27: Night of Stone

a night of exploratory rock and psychedelia with
Dire Wolves

Saturday, July 28: Ask the Ages

a celebration of ecstatic expression and introspection with
Bobby Bradford’s Brass ’n’ Bass
KREation Ensemble featuring Marilyn Crispell

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